Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

NAM23 Animal Mother: Strangers to Reason



1 – Anything that comes our Way

2 – Under the Sun

3 – Suburbian Suicide

4 – New Plague

5 – Noman’s Land

6 – Chalk

7 – Pushing my Luck

8 – Foreign Friend

9 – Guidestones

10 – Replay

Booklet – Download


Music written by Animal Mother. Lyrics by Christoph Maus.
Recorded at Dark Loft between December 2013 and February 2015. Produced by Animal Mother. Mastered by Daniel Baron and Florian Erdbrink.

Samples on Anything that Comes Our Way: Fiatknox (His Speech Curse the Darkness) & Reinsamba (Evening in the Forest). Sample on Pushing My Luck: Celticvalkyria (Radio Static). Samples for interludes: ERH (Fires of Frustration & Location), 45 (Please Dial Star Six One One Cell Phone), Digifishmusic (Spinaach), Patchen (Contradictions & Wrong Try Again) & Dobroide (Night Forest 2).

Animal Mother would like to thank Lisa, Max, Miriam, Nils, Thorsten, Yannick, Steffi & Rori, Willi & the Incredible Walter!

Release Notes:

What once had started as an occasional demo session at Animal Mother’s former rehearsal room turned gradually into the process of recording, mixing and mastering the first full-range album in the band’s still young history. The songs and sounds listeners are hearing evolved step by step, quite unintentionally and completely based on a do-it-yourself approach. After the bulk of songs had been written and basic tracks had been recorded at the Dark Loft, additional recordings took place at Daniel’s (the band’s guitarist) homestudio. “It was an intense experience to go over and over the stuff we had gathered during all these months to make all the songs sounding as organic as they do today”, Florian (the band’s drummer) and Daniel look back at the mixing and mastering stage. From the opening chords of Anything that comes our Way across Noman’s Land – the band’s offical “Surfing Soundtrack” – to the dense soundscape of “Replay” – a song that highlight’s Christoph, the band’s main vocalist and lyricist, as the grandmaster of dub – Animal Mother’s fulminant album-debut makes a compelling case for the fact that it does not need big plans to deliver a real masterpiece.

Release: 05/15/2014

(2015) Night Audit Music


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