Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

NAM18 Fire to the Stars: Keep You Safe



1 – Keep You Safe

2 – Wholesale Slaughter

Single – DOWNLOAD (zip-File)


Release: 9/1/2014


Fire to the Stars are Daniel Beekman, Petter Bertilsson, Chloe Davies, Cat Tyson Hughes, Jim McDonald and Tim Spelman. Recorded and mixed by Casey Rice. Mastered by Roger Seibel. Artwork by Adrian Elmer for Boom Blip Blip.

Release notes:

Floating in an ocean of well-textured, noisy melodies, Fire to the Stars present their acclaimed two-track debut single “Keep You Safe” on NAM. While the title track pacifies massive feedback sounds with dreamlike chanting, Wholesale Slaughter, the second contribution to this lovely package, comes as a fragile ode to the distant pleasure of losing tracks of time. Keep you safe being originally released on the 4-4-2-label, NAM is happy to do its bit to bring this talented Australian/Swedish six-piece band to a growing audience. (Daniel Baron, Night Audit Music)

(2014) Night Audit Music


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