Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

NAM04 One Minus One: Peace Talks

1 – Peace Talks 5:58
2 – The Dog Walks In 3:38
3 – Lama 4:23
4 – Night Whisper 4:49
5 – Midnight Ambulance 3:28
6 – Clock Strike Mechanism 4:20
7 – Twat Disaster (In memory of Mr. Anthony H. Wilson) 4:28
8 – Pancake 6:18

Album – STREAM

Album – DOWNLOAD (zip-File)


Written in the second half of 2009, “Peace Talks” comes as a long overdue adventure in lo-fi-aesthetics. In most aspects, the style of songwriting resembled the process of assembling nuts, bolts and various other compartmentalized devices. The results sound like a well oiled machine – in all its ambiguity!

All songs written and produced by One Minus One. For detailed information on all the samples and their providers see enclosed booklet.

(2010) Night Audit Music

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