Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

NAM 20 One Minus One: Final Steps Towards Completion



1 – 11:55 AM (Winterproof)

2 – Secret Books

3 – The New One

4 – Marginal Man

5 – Interlace

6 – Creepin’ and Crawlin’

7 – Office at Night

8 – Broken Home

9 – Noise in Your Head

10 – The Bulldozer

11 – Just Another Incentive?

Album – DOWNLOAD (zip-File)


Release: 30/3/2014


Written & produrced by One Minus One. Office at Night written by Hofstede. Recorded from April 2012 to November 2013 at The Noise Gate. Cover painting by Asamairil (“Colony”, 2009). For further credits see booklet.

Release notes:

The eleven songs constituting Final Steps Towards Completion represent the conclusion of an artistic cycle started in 2009. Sounds and song ideas that had been used for One Minus One’s previous approaches – Peace Talks (2010) and God’s Revenge (2012) – have been carefully redeveloped while the geographical as well as technical contexts of the songs underwent continuous change. This strict process of self-(re-)definition finally resulted in dense soundscapes being based on European and Arabian influences in equal measure. Although future releases cannot be ruled out at the moment, Final Steps Towards Completion might come as a first full stop in One Minus One’s history.

(2014) Night Audit Music

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