Netaudio from Aachen / Germany


Some time ago, we felt it was a good idea doing some podcasts. Obviously, all the spoken stuff was in German then, but hey… it’s all about the music, isn’t it?!

NAM Podcast 1010 Feat. Comfort Stand RecordsOmaha RecordsKonsum ProductionsElectronica Subsource

NAM Podcast 910 Feat. Crazy LanguageOne Bit WonderLaced MilkPsy Brazil + unsigned artists

NAM Podcast 810 Feat. 12recaaahhh recordsHomebodyModistiNo-ScourcePiepmatz RecordsSelva Elettrica

NAM Podcast 710 Feat. BFW RecordingsBump FootElectronicaiD.EOLOGYMixomat RecordingsTaktalsmittelTribe Toolz

NAM Podcast 610 Feat. BFW RecordingsDeep in DubMixomat RecordingsModular FieldPhono CakeRec72Resting BellSoft Phase