Netaudio from Aachen / Germany


NAM01/25: ‘Hauf’en’ re-issued today!

NAM01-haufen_2015_CoverpicBack in 2005, Hauf’en released their self-titled debut which, at the same time, was Night Audit Music’s first netaudio-offering. To celebrate its tenth birthday, the album now gets its well-deserved re-issue via our bandcamp-roster. For this special event the album’s artwork underwent a complete overhaul. To upset the apple cart, ‘Getting Prepared’, a previously unreleased track from the original album-sessions, has been added as an exclusive happy-xmas-bonus-item. Listen and download ‘Hauf’en’ here!


NAM 24 Animal Mother: The World Is Yours

am-twiyBy diving deeper into the soundscapes already known from their debut-album ‘Strangers to Reason’ Animal Mother take their time to draw an artistical interim conclusion. Cleverly conflating electronica and guitar-driven indiepop-energia, all the iridiscent melodies on their new 4-track-EP ‘The World Is Yours’ provide the perfect soundtrack for a long indian summer. Take a listen here.

Cataya – tal sperre

photoHi folks, Cataya recently released they’re new song/video “tal sperre”. For those of you, who come from the dutch/belgian/german border region around Aachen/Liege/Heerlen (or who have already been there): perhaps you recognize one or another of the images. Enjoy!

Abdelghany Sayed – À Tunis

artworks-000100641249-nywwdo-t500x500Today, Cairo-based oud-player Abdelghany Sayed provides us with his amazing tune
“À Tunis”. Full of beautiful soundscapes and well-layered melodies this track comes as a pure artistic surprise. Right from the start it fully draws your attention, demanding you to be wide awake – like in the earliest morning hours, when rising street life in the famous Avenue Habib Bourguiba reminds you that you are in one of the most vivid, briskest places on earth. And once you left the traffic jams behind you, taking a deep breath of fresh air down at the beaches of Carthage you suddenly feel like dancing, swirling in the air towards a never-setting sun.

New Song: One Minus One – Caroline

fenster2There is a new One Minus One-approach out there. Suggestion is: winter will come (sooner than you think). Check it out on soundcloud!