Netaudio from Aachen / Germany


Ladie’s Di – Children of God

If you’re heavily into one-man-grunge-alternative-intransigence, then Ladie’s Di might be the one for you. Living in Paris, Île de France for a while now, the Argentinian guitarist/singer-songwriter released three full-length albums so far. What you’re going to hear (and see, obviously), is ‘Children of God’ which is the opening track for Ladie’s Di’s most recent outing of the same name. In this powerful live rendition (done at the Mercury Box, Osaka), he blends his edgy guitar playing with prolific live drumming and vocal mercilesseness.

Stay tuned to Ladie’s Di’s music via his facebook page as well as his Youtube channel. Uh, and don’t forget to take a listen at ‘Children of God’ in full length here.


Ossi Guitar – Sag’ einfach Nee…

During this summer, Ossi Guitar – the most eloquent One Män Punk Band from Düren ever – released “Anti-nationale Lagerfeuermusik” (“Anti-national Campfire Music”), an album full of beautiful melodies against (politically) ugly people and ideologies. Originally, Ossi had written the songs for his concert supporting the “Dürener Bündnis gegen Rechtsextresmismus” (“Düren Alliance Against Right-wing Extremismus”) earlier this year. When realizing that the songs would make an illustrious oevre on its own, he finally self-released them as a streamable album. It was recorded and mixed at Ossi Guitar’s home-studio.

Full of subtle lyrics and wholehearted guitar playing, all the songs blow their energy right in your face. Don’t hesitate to turn them up and sing along! A well-crafted treasury of political, anti-right-wing songs in the tradition of Rio Reiser, Ärzte, Feine Sahne Fischfilet…

Watch the video for “Nee zur AfD” (“Nope to AfD”) here. And don’t forget to stream “Anti-nationale Lagerfeuermusik” via Ossi Guitar’s Youtube channel or Soundcloud profile.

Jan Stella – ‘Fears in Heaven”

Jan Baum klein

Some of you ever heard of the little town Nideggen? Surrounded by the hills of the Rureifel south of Düren and gifted with a pitoresque historic town centre, it seems to be the perfect place to step back from the lunacy of our daily lifes. In this haven of retreat (to be more precise: in his ‘Musikzimmer’) Jan Stella composes and records his delicious mixture of folk pop and indie coolness. Equipped with a setup of just a few microphones, acoustic guitars, basses, percussions and, yes, a set of spoons, he put together ‘Passing Palermo’, his last year’s debut album. Listen to ‘Fears in Heaven’, a folk-funk tune that comprises all of Jan Stella’s finest ingredients: a full-bodied bass, a catchy groove as well as crafty and powerful vocals.

‘Passing Palermore’ was released by Jan Stella using a Creative Commons licence – so feel free to listen to, download and spread it! On August 25th, he will join forces with One Minus One to play his debut gig at the Palette in Eschweiler. Current and former projects that Jan is/was involved with include The Dipes, Wallaby Road and Hipshots.

Ladies’ Fantasies Club – A London Phone Box Session

Currently, there is a massive wave rolling that carries loads of talented Belgian Post-rock and alternative bands throughout the Euregio (and far beyond). One of them – and surely one of the most creative ones – are Ladies’ Fantasies Club. Watch them unfolding their minimalist groove-twang inside a phone box in London. Who needs snares or hi-hats these days?

Ladies’ Fantasies Club is an Alternative-Pop/Acoustic-Rock duo from St. Vith, Belgium, formed in 2013 by Jean-Yves Szmida (guitar/vocals) and Joshua Cremer (drums/telephone). Besides LFC they play together in Splitch, an experimental project that blends avantgarde postrock with video installations. Together, they are also members of the artist collective Vorgruppe. In 2017, Ladies’ Fantasies Club released their new single ‘Hats’, a new rendition of one of their finest live outings.

NAM027: One Minus One – Oracle

Today, One Minus One releases his new album ‘Oracle’. You have the chance to stream and purchase it via our bandcamp page. Grab it while you can! ‘Oracle’ is a very personal documentation of all the changes, the mess and chaos in this world. No matter how complex this world might turn out to be, the easiest looking solutions and half-hearted promises will always be the most dangerous ones. At least, if you turn this album up it might get bearable!