Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

Ossi Guitar – Sag’ einfach Nee…

During this summer, Ossi Guitar – the most eloquent One Män Punk Band from Düren ever – released “Anti-nationale Lagerfeuermusik” (“Anti-national Campfire Music”), an album full of beautiful melodies against (politically) ugly people and ideologies. Originally, Ossi had written the songs for his concert supporting the “Dürener Bündnis gegen Rechtsextresmismus” (“Düren Alliance Against Right-wing Extremismus”) earlier this year. When realizing that the songs would make an illustrious oevre on its own, he finally self-released them as a streamable album. It was recorded and mixed at Ossi Guitar’s home-studio.

Full of subtle lyrics and wholehearted guitar playing, all the songs blow their energy right in your face. Don’t hesitate to turn them up and sing along! A well-crafted treasury of political, anti-right-wing songs in the tradition of Rio Reiser, Ärzte, Feine Sahne Fischfilet…

Watch the video for “Nee zur AfD” (“Nope to AfD”) here. And don’t forget to stream “Anti-nationale Lagerfeuermusik” via Ossi Guitar’s Youtube channel or Soundcloud profile.


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