Netaudio from Aachen / Germany

Ladies’ Fantasies Club – A London Phone Box Session

Currently, there is a massive wave rolling that carries loads of talented Belgian Post-rock and alternative bands throughout the Euregio (and far beyond). One of them – and surely one of the most creative ones – are Ladies’ Fantasies Club. Watch them unfolding their minimalist groove-twang inside a phone box in London. Who needs snares or hi-hats these days?

Ladies’ Fantasies Club is an Alternative-Pop/Acoustic-Rock duo from St. Vith, Belgium, formed in 2013 by Jean-Yves Szmida (guitar/vocals) and Joshua Cremer (drums/telephone). Besides LFC they play together in Splitch, an experimental project that blends avantgarde postrock with video installations. Together, they are also members of the artist collective Vorgruppe. In 2017, Ladies’ Fantasies Club released their new single ‘Hats’, a new rendition of one of their finest live outings.


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